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Alicante being a large and coastal city, frequently requires movements of people through airports, people who enter or leave because of need of studies or work, as well as people who come to visit their loved ones. For this reason the Alicante airport transfers service is ideal for people traveling through Alicante airport, with the advantage of having our services from anywhere on the planet, with just an internet connection and the visit of the website, you can hire the services of transfers without having to wait at the last moment and do it at the airport. If you want to get to the airport, we are a company with traffic permits inside the airport, providing amenities that you as a passenger deserve.


At Alicante airport Transfers we ensure that our customers travel in a practical and safe way, which is why we put to the passengers' choice a fleet of modern vehicles with the capacity to transport all the family group or business groups if it were the case.

For the transport service of large family groups or business groups we have minibuses with capacities of up to 16 passengers, providing the necessary comforts and security to travelers at all times.


Why travel with Alicante airport Transfers?


The customer is our priority; therefore the treatment that you will get through our services will leave you 100% satisfied.

With our fleet of vehicles, passengers or passengers can save money by not having the need to hire several units in cases of large groups.

Our attention goes beyond the needs of the customer and the vehicle, attention and help will be available even when you get off the vehicle and when you arrive from your flight.

We transfer people from anywhere to Alicante airport and from there to where you need it.

We are professionals and responsible, adding value added to the transport service, with trained and trained people, with knowledge of the various areas that comprise the surroundings of Alicante.

Our vehicles have little time of antiquity, are modern and practical, with the ideal equipment to guarantee the comfort of passengers, including air conditioning, opaque glasses, music and video, electrical safety systems, seat belts in all seats, etc.

Our services are available 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, if your flight leaves at dawn or you arrive at Alicante airport at dawn, there we will be waiting to transfer you to your destination, with the help and professionalism that you deserve.


Characteristics of the minibuses of Alicante airport transfers


The units have frequent maintenance services that guarantee them productivity during the days of people transport

Minibuses are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment to ensure the welfare of passengers in accidents:

  • All seats are equipped with seat belts.

  • Emergency departures near the passengers.

  • Fire extinguishers.

  • Alarm systems.

In addition to the security systems with which the units are enabled, their amenities bring passengers exclusivity, with:

  • Air conditioner.

  • Music and video.

  • Reclining seats with high backrests.

  • Glasses opaque.

  • Luggage rack.

You can make reservations through the website https://alicante-airporttransfers.com where you will have to choose the date and time of the trip together with the amount of passengers and luggage that will be transported in order to ensure your transfer in a comforting way Of our services, with comfortable prices that will be at the height of all the pockets. Thanks to this platform you will avoid pre-flight or airport problems, anticipating and taking action according to your needs.

We are a company with high standards of responsibility and professionalism that will ensure a service without hiccups or eventualities that may affect you negatively, our team is qualified to attend to your concerns and needs, resolving any situation that may arise and thus provide a service of quality. If you hire our services in advance, you will receive a discounted price.

Do not use transportation services outside the airport of Alicante, they can be unsafe and unpredictable since you will not have any information about them, we are a transport company with permits to work at the airport and with it our information and transport units can be easily reached when leaving the airport.