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castillo de guadalest



Castell de Guadalest is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Alicante and in Spain. Located within the Alicante province, in addition to its natural charm, you can discover its heritage, fantastic food and enjoy its natural beauty. We tell you everything you can do to enjoy in this beautiful town on the Costa Blanca, which is perfect for people who want to enjoy a wonderful day with the family taking their children to visit.

Are you planning to visit the Costa Blanca and don't know where to start? make a note of! Castell de Guadalest is one of the most beautiful places that you should not miss on your visit to Alicante, its beauty and all the tourist attractions it offers you will love.Guadalest has been declared a historical and artistic site and cultural attraction. In addition, it belongs to the network of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Guadalest is located in the Marina Baixa area of ​​the Alicante province in Spain, in a large valley surrounded by the famous Xortà, Serrella and Aitana mountains.

The geographical location of El Castell de Guadalest gives it that great charm. It is located on a rock at a height of 595 meters and the houses are embedded in the rock. When visitors arrive, they can stroll the streets and visit both sides of the neighborhood. For one, you can explore the medieval-style castle area. The other side is El Arrabal, which is when the town grew up and settled at the foot of the mountain. Guadalest is an ideal city to travel as a family, and enjoy good cuisine.

The number of museums in Guadalest is also widely known. Some of which are very curious.

Museum of the Historical Collection of Vehicles:
From the 1920s to the 1970s, you can see 140 motorcycles, all of which are original and in good condition.

Medieval Historical Museum:

More than seventy pieces or instruments of torture and capital punishment are exposed.

Belen Museum and Toy House: If you go with children, they will like to visit, in addition to the toy house and the ecological birth scene, visitors can also see old toys.



Like the entire Costa Blanca, the Castell de Guadalest offers visitors a rich cuisine. When you visit this city, you will find many restaurants offering ethnic dishes for travelers, especially in the area. A very typical dish is “L’olleta de Blat”.



The city is located in a region rich in natural resources and has beautiful landscapes. You are invited to stroll and walk. The route goes from Guadalest to Sierra Xortà to other cities in the area.A good option to enjoy the natural landscape is to organize a tour around the Guadalest reservoir, the environment here is so beautiful that you cannot leave without visiting it. It is located below the city, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the entire area. You can do this tour in summer or by appointment.