Alicante airport transfers to Calpe.   

Calpe is one of the municipalities of the Valencian community, located on the north coast of the province of Alicante, in the region of the Marina Alta, where is the Rock of Ifach, a rocky mole of 332 m of height, symbol of the White shore.

Traditionally, it was an agricultural population, which produced almonds, raisins and carob. Its economy also relied on fishing and the extraction of salt from its salt flats, nowadays Natural Park. However, since the last century, especially since the 60's, it has become a tourist town, transforming its economy, its urbanism and, to a large extent, its own population.


calpe airport transferThe city has the airport of Alicante-Elchet, popularly known as the Altet in its vicinity, whereby people from all over the world and from Spain, come and go every day. To this important airport of Spain arrive hundreds of people that go towards the municipality of Calpe and they have the necessity of a transport company of quality that takes them from the airport of Alicante to the city of Calpe.

 For them the services of Alicante Airport to Calpe are available. This transfer company offers transportation services with the comfort and safety that every passenger needs, ideal to cover any short or long route without presenting discomfort to passengers, as well as offering options of services that guarantee your comfort.



calpe airport trasnfers

Services offered by Alicante Airport to Benidorm

• Transfer service from the airport of Alicante to any locality of the municipality of Calpe during the 365 days of the year the 24 hours of the day.
• A fleet of modern vehicles with capacities from 4 people up to 16 people, ideal for large family and corporate groups.
• Safety during the trip by means of transport units in optimal conditions with all the services of control and maintenance to the day,
• Drivers with proven experience, in addition to responsibility and kindness at work.
• Global positioning system to control all the units from the company headquarters.
• The Https://alicante-airporttransfers.com website, which is available at all times for all people in the world, with only one device with an internet connection, can access the services of transfers and be hired with anticipation.
• Direct communication with the staff, offering security and personalized attention to all travelers.
• Care offices in Alicante and the airport for those who prefer to go directly to the office and meet the company in person.
• Information point at the airport in which a person is available and able to address inquiries, complaints and questions.

Besides these services the company offers services of transfers in the municipality of Calpe that allow the inhabitants to leave the city and to move in her, besides offering services of transfers from the city to the airport of Alicante with super economic prices.

If you request the transfer service in advance you will receive a discount on the value of the trip, this in addition to benefiting economically, will allow you to have guaranteed transportation when you arrive at the airport without having to wait or queue for vehicles.

Fleet of vehicles

The fleet of vehicles from Alicante airport to Calpe ensures that passengers are comfortable at all times, among their main characteristics are:


 • Private Communications Network                  alicante airport transfers

• Thermal and sodium insulation of our users
• Speed ​​monitoring
• Satellite Tracking System
• High back seats for comfort
• Air conditioner
• Qualified Operators

Security equipment’s:

• Fire extinguishers
• First aid kit
• Emergency exit with safety control
• Seat belt
• Radio transmitter

The benefits of using the services of Alicante airport to Calpe go beyond a simple transfer since the offered service provides the security of transport to all the people, special for tourists who do not have knowledge of the city, the workers of the company Are responsible for giving personalized attention to each passenger, providing the comfort they need at all times, in addition to offering support services with luggage after getting off the vehicle.

How to access the services offered by Alicante airport transfers to Calpe

Our services of transfers are available 24 hours a day during 365 days of the year, to request a quote and to contract the services of transfers of Alicante airport transfers to Calpe, you can:

1. Go directly to the airport, where operators are specially trained to meet all the needs and requirements of the passenger.
2. Communicating to the contact numbers, requesting quotation or contract of the services of transfer.
3. By means of the web page https://alicante-airporttransfers.com where you can select in a personalized way the type of transport ideal for your trip.

For travelers arriving in Calpe for holiday purposes, our drivers are able to offer indications on tourist sites and of great interest that can be found in the municipality of Calpe, in addition to having knowledge of hotels from the most humble to the most Elegant so that everyone can decide the best for their vacations. The vehicles are available 24 hours a day during the 25 days of the year to offer rides to people through these wonderful places that the city offers with the trust of a service of quality and responsibility.

You can hire the transport services before stepping on Spanish soil, just by visiting the web site will be attended by our staff, which will help you choose the transport that suits you at an economic price.

We are a company made up of a group of professional and specialized people with the firm conviction of achieving a level of excellence in the quality of the services we offer our clients, consolidating in the market, finding sustained growth in recent years, taking care And personally attending each of our clients with the commitment to provide a service of excellence, adapting our resources to the needs of our customers, to ensure that their needs become appropriate, adequate and effective solutions.Definitely the best passenger shuttle service you can hire with the guarantee of reaching your destination at the right time and calmly while enjoying the beautiful landscapesoffered by the province of Alicante.